# Using Mounts

A mount in pterodactyl follows similar principles to a docker mount. Pterodactyl already uses the /home/container mount thus it or any of it's sub directories can not be used as a different or nested mount. More Info (opens new window)

# Wings Configuration

To use a mount you need to permit wings to use the selected mount path, this is done by editing mounts in /etc/pterodactyl/config.yml

  - /example

where example is a path on your system, Mounts allow anything within that path to be used as a mount.

# Panel Configuration

In the pterodactyl panel you need to create and assign a mount.

# Creating a mount

Mount Paths

Mounts can not use any path of /home/container and its subdirectories due to docker limitations

  1. In the admin panel go to Mounts
  2. Use the create mount option
  3. Fill in the details as required
    • Name: Name for your mount
    • Description: Description for your mount
    • Source: File path on your system to where mount files should be stored
    • Target: File path where the mount will be placed inside of your server, Can NOT be /home/container
    • Read Only: Whether to allow servers to write to the directory
    • User Mountable: Whether to allow users to self mount this mount
  4. After creating the mount you are required to add Eggs and Nodes that this mount may be used on

    Mount Logic

    Mounts do not share data across servers, They only can share paths not files!

# Assigning a mount

  1. In the admin panel go to the server you would like to use a mount with
  2. Go to the mounts page
  3. Click the ➕ button
  4. Restart the server

The files of the mount should become available in the target path in the container.


Mounts do not show in the panel's file manager, nor will they be accessible via sFTP

# Example Mount

Example gmod mount

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